in Palo Alto yesterday. Reading an article in the New York Time this morning about Universal Basic Income made me think about jobs, because yesterday, for the first time we arrived in the USA and queued up, not for the usual interrogation by an Immigration Officer, but to type our data into a machine. Sure, it was faster, and will be even faster once people have a bit of experience with the procedure, but, I thought, there go a ton more jobs.

My next door neighbours, whose yard looks like a Kiefer installation (swath of dry, cracked dirt, various bits of detritus strewn about  (bike flat out, abandoned in the exact same spot it was four months ago, plastic containters, pots, bits of hose, a dirt-churning machine, a piece of sprayed-painted cardboard, used to protect the dirt when the resident teen redecorated his skateboard) actually have a "lawn," which is to say a green film over the dirt. Amazing how fast California turns green with a bit a rain.