Yesterday and the day before yesterday

Back on my bike which feels good. Went to the library after the gym, picked up some stuff on my list and then went to the reading room to have a look at some old TLSs and the shelves of new books, where I found Karen Solie's The Road In Is Not The Same Road Out, which I borrowed since I'd heard about it--where? don't remember, but it was on the radar somewhere. I just read the first poem--terrific, can't wait to read more.

Meantime I've signed on for an undergraduate class in the Beats and have been reading or rereading Ginsberg which is sad but beautiful and a switch from reading Baudelaire's tidy sonnets but equally powerfully messy emotions. Fifteen or so students, thoughtful, sleepy, not yet sure how to react, shy, not shy. The second class is this afternoon. 

Campus full of orange trees, but mostly all the low-hanging fruit has been picked, so you really need to go round with a fruit-picker. oh and I took a Zumba class taught by a guy with a latin-american name and an incredibly flexible body.