Quote of the Day

“I could kill him for interrupting what I was not thinking.” (Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet).

it is 94 degrees fahrenheit and still climbing outside, and our apartment faces north, so it has been relatively cool all day. For the past two days we have been receiving warnings about extreme heat, and wind, which so far has not materialized, but if it does might cause the power company to shut down its electric lines, to reduce the danger of fires, very high, right now. It was this time last year that some of the biggest and most destructive wildfires occurred, some of them, it is thought, caused by power lines. Lots of brush-cleaning going on, here, and in the hilly towns between the Bay and the coast.

Yesterday was also hot, but a little less, I think. I did manage to take a bike ride late afternoon, sticking to roads I knew would be in the shade by then. Tomorrow we are going to San Francisco, which will probably be cooler, as usual.

Trump impeachment: I still don’t know what planet the man lives on, but it isn’t the planet I think I’m living on.

That’s one difference between him and the British PM, who I think lives on the same planet as I do, even though, as a citizen of the EU, I will not celebrate if the UK leaves the EU.