Palais de Justice, Conciergerie

I love the bells, right now church bells ringing at noon on Sunday. Perhaps it's the end of the mass? If the wind is right I can hear 3 different sets of bells sometimes. And I don't worry if I go out without my wristwatch, because there is always a clock or a bell to tell me what time it is.

It has been raining steadily for the last week, though with breaks, during which we go out and walk, mostly along the Right Bank of the Seine which has a good long stretch of quai now reserved for walkers, bikes, roller-bladers. Yesterday we went over to St Gervais, Couperin's church, behind the City Hall in the Marais, for an organ concert. Took a bus over, walked home along the Seine which is very high. Boats--barges--can go upriver past the Pont Neuf on the western tip of the Isle de la Cite. The water is brown and moving very fast, and the quai is closed after the Pont Neuf, because it is flooded.

Last week I was heading to the Centre Pompidou and got sidetracked by the Palais de Justice, partly because the line was short. Wandered in and all around, then out and into the Conciergerie next door, all this inspired by reading Balzac's Courtesans over Christmas.

And now to lunch. Putting the last touches on my new Ms, The Hotel Eden, for Carcanet.