Trash collection

I just noticed that the trash collectors, the two men, who go behind the truck, pick up the bins and put them on the back of the truck to be dumped, remove the bins and set them back on the street, have been replaced--in our neighbourhood--by a school-bus yellow robot with two arms that hug the bin, lift and dump it, set it carefully back in the street, and the truck (self-driven?) moves on.

(Here's a YouTube:

'That's neat,' I thought. 

But what happened to the two men, the two (ok, back-breaking) jobs?

Do they get jobs in fastfood? At the Ikeas?

In Paris we live right above and down the street from the place the garbage collectors congregate with their trucks. Sure, trash collector may not be a great job description, but there seems to be a lot of social activity, an esprit-de-corps among them (mostly Africans, or Franco-Africans), a lot of jostling and joking, a lot of male, sorry, bonding. Somehow I don't imagine this being quite the same at MacDonald's, but maybe I'm just nostalgic.