Wind and Rain

Full moon, the weather’s changing, and not for the better, unless of course you remember how badly rain is needed. The wind got stronger in the night—I love the feel of a cold breeze blowing across my bed: you pull the quilt higher and decide not to go and refill the hot water bottle with hotter water.

That was a few days ago, and it rained, hard, for 24 hours (the roof leaked in 3 places) and since then we've had strong, cold winds (the 'mistral'). Our neighbour Paul says normally it doesn't rain with the full moon, "but times have changed."

We are sitting in the Kayser cafe/bakery in Avignon train station having a sandwich and waiting to catch a late train back to Paris. The station is open to the winds and it is cold. At the next table a white dog in a red vest is being fed a bone--chicken?--on the floor at its owners' feet. Have had a quick look at the news--a mass shooting in Texas, financial documents leaked from tax havens etc. Business as usual.