The performance in the downstairs Grande Salle of the Centre Pompidou was excellent, a one woman show for grownups and children, of whom there were masses, under the aegis of the Encyclopedia of Talk [la Parole]. This is an artistic project that explores orality, the things we say and hear: tv ads, youtube, train station announcements, football games, street fights, school teacher talk. A montage of different voices in different situations, linked but not linear, the way what you hear around you overlaps in your head, in the moment and in your memory. One actress, Armelle Dousset, does all the voices. It began funny, became scary with aggressiveness and anger (street, home, classroom), references to politics and terrorist attacks, then cooled off. If I were a young kid I might have had nightmares, or maybe it was a way to face and evacuate fear and anger. There was, I see, a workshop for kids and parents, connected with the performance. Very impressive. 

Rainy today. Noon, church bells ringing. No plans for this afternoon, other than reading some more of the book I'm reviewing for the TLS.