In the Vaucluse

Today I worked on my manuscript in the morning.  After lunch Ikea delivered the new sofa, which we put together, but it’s clunky, looks heavy along the wall. Well, it was cheap and it’s the right length. Perhaps with cushions or a throw it would look better? It definitely looks less ungainly when someone is sitting in it, so maybe that’s the answer…

The garden is full of big cardboard boxes. A kid could make a playhouse with them.

Around four I went for a bike ride and got all the way to Champaga without stopping. Had to push the bike up the last switchback, then made it almost to La Roque. And came home in one swoop, but it’s mostly downhill. I was proud of myself. I think if I do this every couple of days it will get easier. The first time, last week, I thought I’d die.

Shopping in Beaumes, then Caromb. Home. Cooking tomato sauce and gnocchis, cheese and fruit. Then up to the village hotspot to check email.

No US political news for 10 days now, pretty much. It feels like the world is working again.