Rain--gentle rain falling all night. A sound I love...for a few days. Yesterday my daughter took me to evensong at St Paul's, on our way home from the Tate Modern.

Love the Tate--as opposed to a more traditional museum--I'm also hoping to go and see Hockney's portraits at the Royal Academy--it's organized to make the visitor feel like part of the creative process. It's chaotic to the right degree: curated chaos, I guess you could call it.

Shakespeare and Company, the Paris bookshop, has posted the notice of our CB Editions Reading in September, with all the info. I'll be reading with Charles Boyle, the publisher and writer, Will Eaves, and Lara Pawson. Follow the link for more info, but also take time to explore the rest of the website. It's a great bookshop, with a long and fascinating history. I'm really excited, hope you can be there!