We went to San Francisco yesterday to have dinner with friends. On the way we stopped to visit the Bonnard exhibit at the Legion d'Honneur. When we came out we had an hour to spend, so we lounged on the lawn out front with a view of the entrance to the Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, and closer to us, a bronze statue of a nobleman (El Cid) on a horse leading his troops (presumably, no sign of them) into battle; we watched a series of bridal parties arrange themselves for photographs against the colonnade, and tables, chairs, fake flowers, speakers, musical instruments and a chef being unloaded from shiny white and chromium trucks for an event in the museum. The sky was blue, sailboats tacked under the bridge, the headlands glittered with cars, there was only the slightest hint of fog, though the fog horns were already blowing. We drove downtown past a playground where I used to take my kids to play. I felt no nostalgia.