I, Daniel Blake

Just back from seeing the last 2/3 of Ken Loach's new film, I, Daniel Blake. A really good movie, with terrific actors, though perhaps the social service workers, with the exception of one, and the Food Bank people, are too patently the villains...but I don't know, because I don't have a lot to do with social service workers. And I think I trust Loach. I'd like to see the movie again, including the first third of it. I also started to watch his Irish movie (Wind in the Barley) on Netflix the other night, but the humiliation of the small Irish folks by the British soldiers was unbearable and I turned it off.

A small movie house, only one film, near the Place de la Sorbonne. The ticket seller tried to discourage me from going in because the movie had started half an hour earlier, but I'm glad I went.