We're off to the Vaucluse this morning--catching a train at noon, for a journey that will take a couple of hours, plus a shortish drive at the other end. Trying to get everything into one suitcase, including the books, music and my husband's biking shoes. He will wear the Irish sweater, I have moved the extra books to my backpack, whose zipper is shot and won't be helped by a heavy load (books, laptop, lipstick) in the large pocket. My daughter offered me a kilt safety pin the other day, but I forgot to take it.

No internet down there, so here are a couple photos from the 27th September reading at Shakespeare and Company, here in Paris, with the readers and the London trios' wonderful B&B host, Yann Barouch, who lives next door to Shakespeare & Company, came to the reading, took the pictures, bought books.