People keep asking me--as the time for departure approaches--what I'll do in Paris. And the answer, I realize, is pretty much what I do here, except that it'll be in Paris: work, walk, shop, gym...  the food will be better. I'm eager for cheese and real apples, not the plastic kind that could have grown in a mall.

See friends.

I've got tickets for Peter Brook's 'Battlefield' at the Bouffes du Nord, which, with Ariane Mnouchkine's Theatre du Soleil, is a theatre everyone should go to at least once. "Battlefield is based on the "Mahabaharata," which Brook already turned into a play, years ago--something that ran over 3 days and nights, if I recall, at the Festival d'Avignon one summer. It's on from September 15 to October 17th, directed by Peter Brook. It's going on tour, I think I saw--maybe on the website.