Cloud Cover

Palo Alto is overcast. No solid blue, which is ok. But also, no interesting clouds, mare's tails, or cotton batting, sheep's wool. Just a dirty sheet of cloud overhead, weighing on everything, letting no light through. 

When I say I miss clouds, this is not what I mean. No. It reminds me of bad Paris cloud. Of San Francisco fog, even to drive you mad after a week or so, especially if you live near a fog horn. Boy, was I glad to get out of San Francisco back in the days we lived in the city, before we moved back to France.

There are people who love living in fog. Who wake up in the morning, look out and see fog, and feel like they are going to spend the day in a drift of down. Mostly they have grown up with it. I understand that: I grew up in rainy Vancouver and though, once, I thought I'd hate rain forever (it made my hair total frizz), I now love a little rain. A little--that's the key.