Café living

I'm becoming a sitter in cafés. Campus has a number, with various personalities, subgroups and degrees of quality of espresso. Some are parts of chains. Most have pleasant outdoor places to sit in shade or sun. The Business School has wine in addition to excellent espresso, and a fancy monumental sculpture of chewed bronze, like a giant lump of spit-out chewing gum, smooth though, curves you'd like to stroke and all. My favourite is (naturally) the one in front of the main library, which is grubbier than the Business School (naturally) and full of humanities types, also grubbier. Eucalyptus trees, also a sculpture, the Red Loop, more playful, with an on-again off-again fountain. I take out my book, I read, I listen to conversations, I make up stories about the people around, I stare into space. Today I'm meeting a friend for lunch in a café I've never been to, over towards computer science territory: it's called Bytes.