Rooftop Fauna, 6th

The sun is back this morning, cutting out sharp shadows on the sides and roof of the church across the street. My neighbour, who lives in an apartment that gives on a section of the roof came out while I was having breakfast yesterday and scattered crumbs.  A pair of crows observed her from a higher level of roof and then, when she went inside, swooped down. 

Better crows than pigeons, I guess. The pigeons--city rats--build nests, of wonderful city stuff, in my flower pots and generally make a mess, though the first time this happened I was enthralled by the nestlings turning into fledglings. Then I was less enthralled and now I'm not at all enthralled. I put kid's plastic windmills in the flower pots to scare them away, and when I run out of windmills, shish-kebab skewers and forks, tines up.