We are going away tomorrow morning to the Vaucluse for two weeks. No internet, which is both frustrating and revealing. I miss it for quick checks of Wikipedia sorts of things while I'm working, or bringing up a poem I want to reread. I won't miss it for long as far as the ipad goes. It usually feels good to wean myself off that: the 24 hour news cycle and the ease of avoiding more "serious" reading by reading magazine articles online. The ipad is far too addictive.We can, and do, of course check email, by going to the little village library or the house of a friend or relative, but personally I don't very often. 

Had hoped to go and read in the park again this afternoon, but it is cold all of a sudden. So I was a flaneur for an hour or two, aimlessly peering in windows, thinking about how much good food there is to eat everywhere. Even the very ordinary, indeed rather grungy supermarket two blocks away on the Rue de Seine, is far more appetizing than the most luxurious Whole Foods store back in California. The cheeses! The butters! The fruit and vegetables!