1) I don't get why over here in France we are storming the Bastille again while across the Channel, faced with more drastic budget cuts, the British get on with it.  (A nation fond of hyperbole versus one that prefers understatement?)  And who should I admire?

2) My friend's blog comments on the quality of academic writing.  I've been logging on toARCADES, the Stanford humanities website for a few months now.  Intelligent, and interesting for someone curious about what goes on in the back rooms of academia, but--with a few notable exceptions--it proves my friend's point.

3) Getting dark.  I love it when lights come on in other rooms.  Love the rectangles of light I can see across the street through the imbrications of buildings, shadows on the outside walls.  Love it most when I can look in.

4) Sounds.  My husband ironing.  Setting down the iron.  Water gurgling.  Breathing steam.  We're going to Barcelona tomorrow.  A place I've never been.  And then Madrid, the Prado, Goya and dinner with our friend, a painter, and his partner.