Here we go again?

Last night pedalling away at the gym I watched CNN and caught part of a Tom Hanks documentary on the 60s, Vietnam War chapter. It was made for the present situation in Iraq (I hedge) in many ways. First we (I say "we" though I'm not a US citizen, but it feels "we" from California) send in a few hundred "military advisors" who aren't going to "fight" (= shoot it out?), just test the waters, check out the situation.

Soon (I hope not and I assume that Obama hopes not too, but Kennedy and LBJ weren't great boosters of the Vietnam War either, in their private journals) the military advisors beget more "military advisors," then bombs, then "boots on the ground" napalming villages. Meanwhile the villagers "melt" into the jungle and...well you get the picture. It was chilling.

I was still listening/watching from the mats, when a woman asked if she could switch to Fox News. I mumbled something about hating Fox News, but said I was leaving anyway--not a discussion I really wanted to engage--and she said, well she hated CNN and we must "respect our differences." Must we?  I'm not so sure.