A concert, yesterday, Sunday, at 12:30 in the Eglise St. Louis en L'Ile. The church, small and elegant, has a connection with the Crusades: Louis IX is said to have prayed on the Ile St Louis,  then a cow field, before going off to deliver Jerusalem from the Infidels. Louis XIII had the island developed and the new inhabitants requested a church. The church that is now the parish church has been much rebuilt--originally much plainer but baroquized in the nineteenth century, with gilded sunbursts, gilded flutings of the pilastres and on the acanthus leaves of their capitals. A new organ, built by Bernard Aubertin after the German organ builder Zacharias Hildenbrandt, was installed in 2005.

The concert was an organ recital of works by Bach. It lasted half an hour. It was very good. Greatly plain.